No-code, generate rare NFTs in browser

Unwonted | ʌnˈwəʊntɪd | A rare trait

Create Showcase is an in-browser tool to create generative art. Your images never leaves your computer.

1Prepare image files

Define layer sequence, traits and rarity. Download a sample collection of source images to understand and test.

Trait value Rarity (r=rare, u=unwonted) \ / | | File naming convention: 1_eyes_square_u.png | | / \ Layer index Trait type
File name Layer index Trait Trait value Rarity
1_eyes_round.png 1 Eyes Round Equal chance of appearance
1_eyes_oval.png 1 Eyes Oval Equal chance of appearance
1_eyes_hexagon_r.png 1 Eyes Hexagon 40% chance of appearance
1_eyes_square_u.png 1 Eyes Square 20% chance of appearance

2Drop the images

Add collection name, number of editions, output image dimension and format.

Drop files here

3Start generating

It will automatically download images as it generates.


You will find all assets in your download folder. Note that this tool will also generate ERC721 metadata template json, you can ignore the metadata file if you are going to upload and mint manually, otherwise you can use this as your NFT contract metadata.

That's all Folks!

Drop me an email or tweet #unwonted if you have created something using and I will be happy to showcase.

If you are building a new site for your project and not sure now to generate a unique project and domain name; checkout my other project IDEA Ramen which lets you generate awesome names and check for domain name availability at the speed of light.